Tuesday, December 9, 2008

After 6 weeks training!!! REAL WORLD

Wah, time flies!!!already 6 weeks ,we still have 6 more weeks to go !!! Recently, my company have just announced that they will shut down the company on every friday for dec. It's suppose a great news for all the trainee, I think so... but actually is a bad news for all the employees because they might force to take unpaid leave and some of them even force to deduct their annual leave for 2009.

I heard some of my friends said that their company shut down about 2 weeks and they are force to deduct their allowance too. It is a sad news. Ai......, the newspaper said that the impacts of recession will occur next year for Malaysia. But, we grad next year, how ?????job???don know la!!!!! Just let it be la, try my luck la!!!

Last few weeks, i suddenly got a strange feeling. What's tat? Tat was ---> Recently, my company's business was not very good, so every empoyees seem very free and nth to do!!!!! Then, i asked the worker...
Me :" Do u feel bored when u have nth to do in company ?"
woeker :" No ah , lagi good!!!"
Me :"But it seem like u come in the early morning then wait for lunch time after that wait
for 5.45pm then go back home!"
worker : "Is like tat mah!"

After this conversation, i keep thinking that i don wan this kind of life because it is quite bored and meaningless for me. But, i believe that this kind of life happens on many pple! Some pple said that this is real world!! My sis told me, this is working life!!! Is like this!!! It's that REAL WORLD? I think depends.....